Matayoshi Kodokan
Okinawan Ancient Weapons

History of Shinpo Matayoshi
1921 Born in Kina, yomitan Village on December 27th
1927 Under the tutelage of his father, Shinko Matayoshi, Shinpo Matayoshi began training Kingai-Ryu Karate Kobudo at the age of 7. Also began studying Shaolin Karate under Master Chotoku Kyan
1938 Began studying Minamiha Shaolin Kung Fu under Master Kenki Go.
1960 Began instructing at the dojo of Goju-ryu Master Seko Higa
1970 Established the Ryukyu Kobudo Federation
1972 The Federation was reorganized into the Okinawa Kobudo Federation with Shinpo Matayoshi as its first president
1987 On June 10th, appointed as the Okinawa area manager by President Higashifushimi of the Japan Butokukai, and was conferred the rank of Hanshi(no. 446)
1994 On April 29th, participated in the ceremonial Kobudo performance at the 1200th anniversary commemoration of the establishment of Heian, held at the Heian Shrine. Received a letter of appreciation and a scroll from President Hisashifushimi.
1997 In August, received a letter of appreciation from Masahide Ota, then Governor of Okinawa, who was also the chairman of the Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo World Tournament. (Deceased on September 7th)
1998 Received a letter of appreciation from President Higashifushimi of the Japan Budokai.